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Universal Serial Tour bus commonly known because USB has been devised to make connection easy. Micro USB is a device that help to put together communication or relationship between hosts generally personal computers, and a device.

Micro USB was invented and also developed by Ajay Bhatt. Micro USB helps to hook up easily the external device to personal computers. The basic idea is to remove and replace large number of connectors which are present in the central processing unit of the computers. Micro USB helps to get rid of many parallel and serial ports, thereby addressing the existing issues of functionality of the previously prevalent user connects and also in order to simplify the existing configuration of the software of the gadgets that are attached to the micro usb smd. It also helps us to increase the bandwidths with the external devices that are also connected to the Micro USB.

Micro USB helps to connect many computer products like external data, keyboards, mouse, laser printers, iPods, flash drives and electronic cameras.

The first Micro USB was made by Intel and started to be available in the year 1995. Initially, Micro USB was devised for only personal computers. But it is now also being used for usage regarding other devices like video game consoles, PDAs and phones. These days micro usb smd is also used as simply any power chord for getting of various devices like phones or iPods. Micro USB acts as the power chord between a good adaptor and a tool, for example a phone, which can then be plugged in to the plug in the wall for charging from the device.

Every 12 months about two million of Micro USBs are offered. Micro USB of specification 1.0 was there in the market in the year 1996. This had any data transfer rate of 12 megabytes per second. 1.1 Micro USB was released in the market in the year 1998.